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The Henley v. Love Lesson: Where Experts Must Tread by Blair Dancy   
To Protect Itself, Insurer Must Consider Agency Principles Before Issuing Payment to Joint Payees by Eric Scott Peabody   
Texas Supreme Court Denies Rehearing in U.S. Metals v. Liberty Mutual by Robert Witmeyer   
A Year in the Life of the Eight-Corners Rule: Recent Developments in the Duty to Defend by Tamara Bruno   
Stowers After Patterson: Same As It Ever Was? by Matthew Steven Paradowski   
Fifth Circuit Rules That Insured May Not Rely on Conclusory Expert Affidavit to Survive Summary Judgment by Tae Andrews   
No Public Policy Against Insurer Funding Settlements of Claims Seeking Disgorgement by Nancy Randolph Kornegay   
Fifth Circuit Certifies Vail Actual Damages Issue to Texas Supreme Court by Linda M. Dedman   
Lynd Decision Upholds Longstanding Canons of Policy Construction Favoring Insureds by Tae Andrews   
The Implications of the Deepwater Horizon Decision by Veronica Martinsen Bates   
When is a Breach Not a Breach? by Tarron L. Gartner   
Casenote: Farmers Group Ins., Inc. v. Poteet by Shannon Elizabeth Loyd   
Why Personal Injury Attorneys, Both Plaintiff And Defense, Should Read The U.C.C. by Judith Ann Kostura   
Patterson – Where No Court Interpreting Stowers Has Gone Before by Jes Alexander   
Casenote: Central States v. Health Special Risk, Inc. by Judith Ann Kostura